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Text “Call from mum now” to

+1 630-413-9345

First 3 on us!

“Better call Saul? Turned out calling exfil.in is even better if you need to get away from a situation

Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad

You cannot refuse a call from mum

Text us whom you want your breakaway call from,  and when. We'll take care of the rest.

phone is ringing!
  • Support ANY mobile phone. Seriously.
    From iPhone 6S plus all the way back to Nokia 3310, Startac or even Motorola 8700.
  • Easy syntax
    call from mum in 5 minutes
  • Schedule the call
    …now …in n minutes
  • Support 6 (+1) different callers with matching voices and excuses.
    Save the number as a fake contact for an improved effect!
    mum dad doctor office Alice Bob Brigu1
  • 50¢ per call simple, transparent pricing. No monthly fee.
    First 3 are on us, then just add credit to your number.

Send your exfil.in request as an sms to

+1 630-413-9345

First 3 on us!

“So we got this hot potato, we needed a quick extraction from the red zone. And exfil.in was just the right tool”

Tony Menzed (Ben Affleck) from Argo

Some use cases for exfil.in – but the sky is the only limit!

Patent pending, N(A)SA grade technology stack

Here are some of the incredible breakthrough technologies that made exfil.in possible:

  • Twilio, to make computers talk to phones
  • Heroku, to deploy in no time
  • Temporize, not to forget a single call
  • Sinatra, “…I did it my way…”
  • MongoDB, denormalize all the things!
  • HamlSassCompassSusy and CoffeeScript , because frontend should be fun, right?
  • Natural language1 sms parser
  • Excusedb®: world leading credible2 excuses database
  • True-random-match® engine: 1 in 4,21 · exp(i2π) chances to get the same excuse with the same person twice3

1 joke. you need to strictly stick to the supported syntax

2 credibility may vary

3 it could actually be less. or more

exfil.in datacenter

Send your exfil.in request as an sms to

+1 630-413-9345

First 3 on us!

“Had I known about exfil.in, I wouldn't have put so much effort in learning teleportation”

Goku from DragonBall